Our story

Black bikes are New Zealand’s own brand of electric bikes.

Developed by the team at Electrify NZ, New Zealand’s nationwide specialist e-bike retailer, they set new standards in design and value.

Years of experience importing and retailing electric bikes from major European and American brands have given the team an in-depth understanding of what works (and what doesn’t) on an electric bike.

Black’s New Zealand-based design team have selected components from global manufacturers that have stood the test of time, and which provide outstanding quality and value to customers.

Through years of dealing directly with customers, and having sold many thousands of e-bikes in New Zealand alone, the Black team know what matters to e-bike riders.

Customers asked for sleeker designs, with batteries fully integrated into the frame.  They asked for bikes that could be ridden around town, and for an off-road adventure at the weekend. And they asked for better value for money.

Black has rapidly established itself as one of the country’s top selling electric bike brands, and is now fielding increasing interest internationally.